Should the Michigan GOP convention delegates replace Calley as the Lt. Governor candidate at the 2014 GOP convention?


Anonymous wrote 1 year 17 weeks ago

We need Calley, its people like these that we don't need.

We need Calley. He has done a great job and I agree with the last three comments. Hard to believe when he has the most knowledge about the government process. If we had anyone different we would still be in the same rut we were in 3 or 4 years ago. Its people like these tea party people and certain republican groups that we don't need. They have to find fault with everything and everyone. If we continue to fight amongst ourselves like this instead of getting behind our officials then the liberals will steal these places right out from under us and it will be all our own fault. This is what is wrong with our whole side of politics. And it doesn't have anything to do with "saving our parties" from horrible officials and what we don't know they do...I think we all truly know what they do and can tell who is genuine and who is not. That is how we decipher between people we hire, right? If we didn't like them we didn't vote for them its done all we can do is either fight which will cause strife and probability of losing the seat or we can get behind as much as we can personally. I am not talking about liberal officials or officials who have done something wrong or illegal but Calley hasn't done anything wrong and I bet you anyone else couldn't be doing a better job considering the pressure, false accusations, strife, ect. The problem isn't with Calley, its not just the liberals, its here in the little parties where we just continue to fight amongst ourselves instead of accomplishing things and fighting the liberals. If we would fight the liberals as much as we do in our own parties I think we would see a huge difference. So sad!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 18 weeks ago

It's not about Calley

The republican party has lost its identity and it is dying a slow death. When republicans can't see that there are significant differences between them and the liberals on the other side of the aisle it's time to close up shop. There seems to be a consensus that they/we will do better in the next election; that we shouldn't rock the boat; that things are getting better; and that we should just ignore the liberal agenda of our own party.

The truth is "the people" don't have a voice anymore -- its the lobbyists and special interests with all their money and influence that have our legislators' ears. The average voter can't compete with their power and influence and that's why the Tea Party was started.

We are made out to be the fringe wackos who are trying to ruin our state and country. The truth is we are trying to restore responsibility and accountability in government. Is it wrong to believe in the constitution, and that elected officials should be accountable to upholding their oath of office?

As far as the poll and the question that was posed are concerned the convention rules of the republican party allow for the duly elected delegates to the convention to select the governor's running mate unless the state party decides to change the rules before then. In my opinion that's what free speech and an open political process are all about.

What the Tea Party is saying by potentially having a "conservative" replacement for Calley is that Governor Snyder is the real issue and there isn't anyone who is willing to take him on in the 2014 primary.

In the end the Republican Party needs to restore its core principles!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 18 weeks ago


This is the kind of thing that is destroying our party. Deal with the few things you don't like about our executives and get behind them or we're going to end up with another set of Dems in the capital!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 18 weeks ago

do not replace Lt Gov Calley!

Our Gov & Lt Gov have done a great job for MI, our state has improved so much in less than a full term from where Granholm had taken this state. I may have disagreements on a few issues with the Rep team, but this attitude of thinking any elected official is going to agree with us 100% of the time is what hurts us in elections. If the tea party or a group of republicans make an effort to tear up this team, we will likely see a democrat in both of these positions at the next election. Instead of tearing apart an effective team, why not put the energy & resources into reelecting them & help them in a constructive positive way to get the things we need done. This negative action also discourages other people from being involved. As a business owner, I have seen almost every business I represent begin to prosper again, which means more jobs, & a healthier state. This campaign needs to be squelched by every local Rep party in our state! Our leaders of our local parties need to help our party elected officials not tear them down! I would certainly expect the Clinton County Republican Party to stand behind our elected officials including Lt Gov Calley.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 18 weeks ago

Lt. Gov.

What Calley brought to the table is knowledge about the legislature and the legislative process. Hard to imagine that Snyder, who has no prior government experience, would be willing to give that up.

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